Lets Bring Men's Soccer to the Big 12

Today our youth must look outside of the Big 12 to find opportunities to play soccer. Usually they must move far away to realize their dreams of playing NCAA soccer. Often this means leaving family, friends to attend a school with whom they have no allegiance. Each year the Big XII loses great talent to other teams or simply allows great players to give up their dreams. This website is designed to serve as a resource for those interested in promoting men's soccer within their school or conference. Cowboys, Pokes, Jayhawk, Buffs, Sooners, Horns, Red Raiders, Aggies, Bears, Wildcats, Tigers, Huskers Cyclones,

To:  Big 12 Athletic Conference:
The Big 12 athletic conference should add men's soccer as a sport. Soccer has increased in popularity and boys should have the dream of playing for their favorite Big Twelve team.

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Quick facts about the petition:

The Big XII Men's Soccer Movement Making News

CBSSportsline Article: K-State soccer struggles to gain varsity status

OU's The Hub OU's Student Newspaper Picks Up Story, Katy Kerr's Article Here

St. Louis Dispatch, critical of Big 12 for not having any men's programs.



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Big Twelve Men's Soccer Clubs

(if you have a link or e-mail contact for any of these please contact me)













University of Minnesota, Morris, Adds Men's Soccer.

Hawaii’s D-II colleges looking to add 3 sportsThe PacWest schools would compete in men's and women's soccer and women's basketball

Jamestown College adds Men's Soccer 2006

Michigan Did It:

Click here to see Michigan's successful proposal, they got men's soccer in 2000.

Interested in getting involved, forming a group to present a proposal to your school, or have useful comments?

Contact Me: rwinbladus@yahoo.com

Other News

NCAA Championship Brackets

Houston Chronicle State does disservice to itself, players

United States Embassy to Germany article Describes the growth in popularity of soccer (football) in the USA.

College Soccer New's “Top 100 Freshmen Men to Watch” includes 20 players from Big XII states.

World Cup Viewership More up 250% from 2002 to 2006!

College Sports Council-Statement on Title IX

Saving Sports: "

"Title IX
The College Sports Council is devoted to protecting opportunities for students to participate in sports.

Title IX is a law that forbids discrimination based on gender.

The College Sports Council fully embraces the intent of the law as it was originally written. However, current regulations governing Title IX have created a quota system that arbitrarily limits participation in sports which harms men and does not benefit women.

The CSC seeks regulatory reform of Title IX so that the law can continue to protect women without harming men."

More info at:

High school teams by state: This is raw data. Please feel free to send updated information.

Texas, about 480 5A-4A

Oklahoma 101

Missouri 199

Kansas 100

Nebraska 65

Colorado 172

Iowa ?

Big XII Area Men Playing for Other Teams

The top 25 men's division 1 soccer teams (as ranked by NSCAA at the end of the season) are filled with men from Big XII states. The results: 92 total players. Missouri: 29, Texas: 51, Colorado: 3, Kansas: 7, Oklahoma: 2, Iowa: 1,

Michigan added men's soccer at the same time it added women's water polo. While schools can remain in compliance with Title IX in the absence of the addition of a women's sport, most would probably prefer to add a women's sport. The biggest opportunity for the addition of men's soccer is its addition with a women's sport. Consider the following:

Here are areas where the Big XII can expand women's sports:

11 schools participate in women's volleyball (Oklahoma State does not)

11 schools participate in women's soccer (Kansas State does not, hint hint)

10 schools participate in softball (Colorado and Kansas State do not)

6 schools participate in women's swimming and diving (Kansas, Iowa State, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas and Texas A&M)

4 schools participate in women's gymnastics (Iowa State, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma)

Kansas State, Baylor, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M participate in equestrian.

Kansas, Kansas State and Texas participate in rowing.

Nebraska participates in women's bowling and the coeducational sport of rifle.

Texas A&M participates in women's archery.

Colorado participates in skiing.

All schools have cheer leading squads. Competitive cheer is leading the nation is one of the fastest growing sports and is dominated by women. Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri high school activities associations have statewide cheer competitions. Club cheer is on the increase as well. Conversion of a show squad to a competitive varsity squad involves no additional funds, facilities or staff. Add modest travel and scholarship expenses and a great sport becomes a part of university.